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Dental Emergency?

We Prioritize It

A dental emergency is very serious, and we understand that. A damaged tooth not only can be very painful, but it can compromise your smile. Nobody feels comfortable with damaged or broken teeth.

At Valley Dental, our dentists prioritize emergency dental services and build extra time into their schedules, so you do not need to go to an emergency room. In most cases, we can see emergency patients either same-day or next-day (worst-case scenario). Emergency dentistry doesn’t follow a regular schedule, and we account for that.

Know When it is an Emergency

A dental emergency is generally classified as a situation where a drastic change to a patient’s teeth has occurred – causing significant damage to their appearance or generating pain.

Tooth pain is most often a deep, cutting nerve pain and one that can only be described by those who have suffered from it.

Tooth pain can be considered an emergency when it prevents you from continuing with your daily routine. Any dental issue that prevents you from going about your routine should be considered an emergency.

Regardless of whether you have an emergency, we want to hear from you. But in the following cases, please call our office as soon as possible:

Broken teeth

Broken teeth are both massively painful and a major cosmetic emergency. If left unchecked, patients’ other teeth can begin to shift, causing long-term damage.

Lost filling

Like a broken filling, a lost filling can re-expose sensitive parts of your teeth and should be dealt with quickly.

Tooth Pain

Don’t go through life with unnecessary pain in your teeth! Deal with it now.

Things like chipped teeth can be considered an emergency, for example, if a person chips their tooth right before their wedding day. In most cases, a chipped tooth can be treated regularly (depending on the severity of the chip).

Processes like whitening or cleaning are not considered emergencies and will need to be scheduled regularly as well.

Broken filling or crown

A broken filling or crown exposes damaged parts of your teeth to the rigors of your mouth. Things like sugar, carbonation, cold sensitivity, and nerve pain can resurface where it once was gone.

Lost veneer

The process of installing a veneer requires existing teeth to be shaped so that the veneer can fit them snuggly. In the case of a lost veneer, the remaining tooth may appear deformed or massively different from the rest – causing a major cosmetic emergency.

Root Canal

Damaged and diseased teeth can cause major dental issues down the road. A root canal is often the last resort for dealing with these teeth, becoming extraordinarily painful. Let us help!

Dental Emergencies for Broken Teeth

Do you need emergency dentistry in Fargo, North Dakota? There is nothing more urgent than having a tooth that looks and feels strange or, worse yet, is causing you intense pain.

Your only recourse under these circumstances is to contact emergency dentistry services. When it comes to emergency services for teeth, finding emergency dental care in Fargo shouldn’t be difficult if you know where to look.

You must know what to do when confronted with an emergency involving your teeth, so the following tips will tell you how to locate emergency dentistry in Fargo and other information about emergency dentistry.

Call Now for Emergency Dental Care!

If you are unsure of whether you need an emergency dentist in Fargo, call us anyway. The best way to find out if we can help you is by getting in touch with our team.

We offer emergency dental services to the people of Fargo and its surrounding communities quickly and professionally.