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What is a Dental Bridge

If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, a dental bridge offers a trusted way to restore the look and function of your smile. Traditional bridges are made from several artificial teeth that have been fused together, and they are placed over lost teeth to fill in the gap in your smile.

At Valley Dental, we offer a type of bridge that is secured by dental crowns. If you are seeking the most stable type of restoration, we can provide a dental implant supported bridge, which is held in place by artificial tooth roots.


A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that is used to cover a damaged or badly decayed tooth. After reshaping your tooth, this versatile restoration will completely cover its surface to restore the aesthetics of your smile and return balance to your bite.
We offer custom crowns that are available in a variety of materials, including porcelain, zirconia, IPS e.max® ceramic, and porcelain fused to metal.


Porcelain veneers, which are thin ceramic shells that cover the front of teeth, can dramatically transform the appearance of your smile. After removing a small layer of enamel, veneers are bonded in place to conceal chips, cracks, blemishes, and other cosmetic imperfections.

We also offer minimal-prep veneers, which can be placed over teeth without the need for reshaping. At Valley Dental, our veneers are custom-made from dental-grade porcelain, which is extremely lifelike and highly durable.